About Us

Dr.MEDTECH CORPORATION is a Japanese company dedicated to the sale,export, and management of used medical equipment. We are a distributor of high-quality reconditioned/refurbished ultrasound, endoscopy systems. We supply high-quality systems all over the globe, with a variety of brands and categories; modern, 3D/4D Ultrasounds, fiberscopes to HighVision endoscopy systems, and much more. We are specialized in exporting reconditioned medical systems. We supply not only Ultrasound and Endoscopy systems but also CR systems, CT scanners, MRI, and other systems from leading major brands such as Olympus, Fujinon, Pentax, Toshiba, Hitachi, GE, Aloka, Philips, Siemens, Fujifilm, Konica, and Kodak. We are very pleased to offer you lightly used manufacturers Demo systems. We carry the finest quality items at a reasonable price. Dr.MedTech offers you significant advantages. If you are looking for used medical equipment, please contact us. Our friendly sales staff is always happy to help.

Our Services

1 . Reliability and Quality

Dr.MedTech Corporation is a company that buys medical equipment from hospitals in Japan and sells them to our customers all over the world. For this reason, we are doing our best to be sure that the products we sell are in good working condition.When we buy medical equipment from a hospital we check if itís working and cosmetics condition.Another check is done when we have an inquiry from a customer to verify if the working condition didnít deteriorate. A last check is done before we ship the products. We want to be able to sell to our customer the products in the best working condition as possible.

2 . Customer Service

Good customer service is something we focus on to be sure that your business with us meets or exceeds your expectations each time. All the members of our company are trying their best to respond to any inquiry or concern of each of our customers. Let us know what you are looking for and we will let you know when we are able to obtain the medical equipment you need. So whether you have a question, comment, or compliment, we want to hear from you.

3 . Export

When you buy from us you can be assured that your items will be packed properly and all documentation will be prepared according to your instructions. We have very good relationships with local shipping companies/freight forwarders, and we are able to handle any type of transport that is required.

Why choose us

1 . Honesty

We will tell you about the advantages of each device but will also let you know if there is any disadvantages and give you detailed information about the condition of each unit.

2 . All Used in Japan

The functionality and outer appearance of each device is excellent due to being used with utmost care by Japanese hospitals.

3 . Cleaning & Shipping

Before a device is shipped it will undergo a thorough cleaning to ensure that it arrives sparkling-clean at your destination.